Hang the corrupt

We need a law that subject the corrupt to the hanging robes!……..

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Independent South just 3 days away…

For those whoa re not yet sure about the fate of southern Sudan, it will not be rude if i put in bold that THE REPUBLIC OF SOUTHERN SUDAN is just days away.

Africans should start ululating to receive the new state…..

Long live Junubi!…Long live Southerners!


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Africans remind Raila Odinga to go slow…………….

It is becoming a big problem in Africa…………….

Africans are becoming so forgetful, look at PM Raila Odinag, its less than 3 years when over 1,200 innocent Kenyans lost their lives just because of something similar to what is happening in IVORY COAST.

Remember Raila was rigged out during the 2007 elections and he sober it up, today he seems to be on the neck of Laurent Gbagbo forgetting that, such situations are very normal in Africa. Why dont we take him like another Mwai Kibaki and leave him to rule, instead of putting alot of literature into something that can be solved.

you want to see lives being lost in order to leave Gbagbo alone?



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Hello world!

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